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CT Dating, if  you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You may also browse through the "Frequently Asked Questions" below to find your answers.

Q: So How Do these singles events work?

A: Our gatherings are a fun  way for you to connect to new individuals. Maybe you are looking for CT dating, or maybe you want more... like finding your soul mate.. Regardless of  what your quest may be, our get-togethers are held in a laid back comfortable surrounding, so you'll feel more comfortable just being yourself. You will meet up to15 prospective mates in a sequence of 4-5 minute dates. 

After each of your dates you will discretely indicate on a scorecard whether or not you would like to keep in touch with that person.   At the end of the evening you will give us your scorecard for us to tally. If two individuals both said yes, then that's a MATCH.  The next day  you will each are given the other individuals email address. There is no restriction to the number of matches you can have. From there it's up to you! For normal speed dating get-togethers, the minimal number of assured dates is 8 and the max  number of dates would be 12-14.  If you ever had less than 8 dates, your next event would be free. 


Q: Are reservations required?

A:  Space is very limited, so you will need to make a reservation. Our get-togethers are private,  and without reserving, your space is not guaranteed. You are encouraged to call us on the day of the event to see if we have any last minute cancellations, but there are no guarantees. If there is a cancellation you can register at the event. However, if the event is full, we won't have space for observers. We recommend you call the day before to see if anyone cancelled.

Q: I am having difficulty with the reservation process. What should I do?

A: Call us at 203-429-4591 and we will be happy to help you out.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A:  Refunds will happily be given if we are alerted within 5 business days of the event that you cannot participate in. A $7.00 handling fee per ticket will be applied.  If you cancel 1-4 days prior to the event, you can receive credit towards another event.  No credits or refunds if you cancel the same day.. 

Q: What if I become sick last minute and can not attend?

A: We certainly understand that things can happen last minute, but unfortunately we can not issue a refund or credit for a last minute cancellation. It is the same concept as having tickets to a Broadway show and needing to cancel last minute. We only have a limited number of seats for each event.

We completely comprehend that things can arise last minute, but regretfully we cannot issue a refund or credit for a last minute cancellation. It is the same principle as having tickets to a baseball game and needing to cancel at the last second.   


Q: What if I arrive and know I am not interested in anyone and want to take off?

A: We fully understand that every event attracts diverse kinds of people and you may occasionally feel like you do not see anyone you are drawn to. You cannot always judge a book by its cover and we ask that you kindly give people an opportunity. If at the end of the evening you do not choose anyone, we will give you 50% off your next regular speed dating event. We hope you can understand the time and amount of work that goes into operating an event and sustaining a balanced gender balance is not an easy task. Since you made a commitment by signing up for the event, we do ask that you remain for its entirety. If you leave, you are not giving individuals an opportunity, changing the gender balance of the event, and impacting the coordination of how things are run. Furthermore, many events get sold out and we may not be taking additional reservations from your gender due to the fact we are holding the space for you.

Q: Proof of age?  Why?  Can I  lie?

A: People pay good money to come to our events and we do not believe it is fair to advertise one thing and deliver another. We do give a one-year grace on the ages for speed Connecticut dating and two years grace on other events. We frequently hear complaints about other events where the age groups are way off and the customer walks away feeling cheated. That will not happen at a event.

If you lie about your age, you will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund or credit towards another event.

Participant's  pay good cash to attend our CT dating events and we do not think its right to promote one thing and give something else.  We do give a one-year leeway on the ages for CT speed dating and two years leeway at other events. We continuously hear grievances about other events where the age groups are way off and the client walks away feeling deceived. That will not happen at a our events. If you misrepresent your age, you wont participate,  get a credit or a refund, and will be potentially banned from future events.  .

Q: Why do most of your events have the male top age higher than the female? That is unfair!!

A: We recognize it is not fair and in a perfect world age would not matter. Unfortunately 80% of the men we speak with are looking for a woman who is younger, where 50% of the women we speak with are looking for a guy who is older. This is why the age brackets are planned the way they are. We have tried to hold events where the ages are the same for men and women.  Unfortunately the attendance suffered. We do hold some non-speed CT dating events that are open to all ages, or where the ages are equal.

Q: Why don't you have events for women over 59 and guys over 66? Are we dead???

A: Unfortunately we do not have enough men who want to participate. We have lots of great ladies, but just not enough guys.

Q: Why is space limited at some of your BBQ's for the 50's age group? Are we second-class citizens?

A: Absolutely not. We have found that if we do not limit the age 50's bracket for the BBQ's, the gender balance will skew to about 75% women, 25% men. By limiting the event to no more than 10 women and 10 men for the 50's bracket, the gender balance for the entire event remains about equal. We would rather you be annoyed at us for limiting the participation of age 50's, than be annoyed at us for putting on a poor event with a lopsided gender balance. Q: How do the discounts work?

A: Discounted rates are provided to individuals on the mailing list. Individuals will use special discount codes found in the email newsletters when registering for events. These discounts can not be combined with any other special offers. If two discounted rates are available to the customer, the customer will receive the value of the greater discount.

Q: Are you a Dating Service?

A: Unlike a dating service that can cost thousands of dollars, Weekend Dating assists in the matchmaking process. We just bring single people together for a fun time out in hope that it may lead to more. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any individuals based on our discretion.

Q: Why did you start?

A: It is not easy meeting single people nowadays. For starters, the awkward first approach can be very uncomfortable. The bars or clubs may not be the best place to meet a quality person to date because we already start with a conflict of interest. Most women have said that they go to bars/clubs to hang out with friends, while most guys go to "pick up." Many women wont even consider a guy they meet in a bar or a club because "he is probably just looking for one thing." So where do you go to meet people? This question has led to the popularity of speed dating. Our singles events takes online dating to the next level, getting people out from beyond the computer and cuts right to the chase. People come to make new friends, and possible new romantic connections. ?

Q: What venues do you hold events at?

A:  Events will take place in various parts of Connecticut.

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