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Club Getaway Sports and Adventure Weekend


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F 7/13 Club Getaway
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Thur 6/28 Levittown Charity Comedy Event to benefit Long Island Humane Association
Mon 7/23 NYC NYC Speed Networking for Business Professionals: Not a singles event
Mon 7/30 Bethpage Long Island Speed Networking for Business Professionals: Not a singles event
Thur 9/20 NYC Salute to Firefighters Charity event from Adams Angels.  Tickets will be available at any or FaceToFaceNetworking event.


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Bon Jovi Concert Su 11/4 at Prudential Arena in NJ

The tickets for the good seats ($155) are already sold.  Some of you have still expressed interest in attending.  The next lowest price tickets are $120 (includes the ticket price, taxes and all the ticketmaster fees).  If you would like me to purchase a ticket for you and have you sit with some others from the group, call me ASAP at 718-757-6933 with payment information.  You can also purchase tickets on your own at at meet us at the pre-concert mingle by Penn Station.




Your Romance and Partnership Horoscope For July 2007
from Vanessa Calderon (Seventh Sense Astrology)
 A note to all signs: in this months horoscopes, I am adding a word about the fact that the planet Mercury is retrograde (appears to be moving backward in the sky) during the first week of July. You may have heard the term, Mercury retrograde before. When someones computer crashes and bills do not arrive at their destinations on time, many people wonder if Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules communication. Since communication is of the utmost importance in all relationships, I am letting you know in which area of your life you might notice miscommunications taking place. Once Mercury goes into direct motion again on July 9th, things shift back to normal. I have always believed that if I just ignored Mercury, hed leave me alone. I am just giving you something to blame, in case things go a little haywire! Here is your partnership outlook for July 2007:


To read Vanessa's article about Astrology readings, visit Astrology and Relationships

(March 21 April 19)
zodiac signs-aries

During the week of Independence Day, you may start to feel like you are forced to put your romantic plans and ideas on hold, Aries. You are now asked to concentrate on cementing into reality the bright ideas you were having last month. That doesnt mean that you have to give up having fun, its just that you are feeling a bit more serious than you would like at the moment. Finances come first. The rest of the month focuses on work relationships also, and when you get into diligent moods like these you impress co-workers and bossesmaybe enough to get that raise that you were thinking about. The Mercury Retrograde effects your communications involving home and parental issues (your parents). It may also have an effect on communications involving partners with which you have children to care for. You have Jupiter on your side so stay true to your philosophical beliefs in your relationship communications this month and your point of view will be clearly understood. 

 (April 20-May 20)
zodiac signs-taurus

You have finally got the world where you want it, Taurus, moving at your speed and on your time. Diligence will be the word of the month for many signs but that is not a foreign state of mind for you. Your leadership abilities will be very obvious as will your ability to (finally!) get some insight into your dating situation, and youll have some clarity this month about love and about what makes people tick. The ball is in your court in July when people who have a responsibility or obligation to you are more likely to give you what you deserve, need and want. Mercury retrograde is affecting the area of your life that relates to siblings, neighbors and short distance travel. The first week of July could bring delays and missed, or mixed, messages in these areas for you. If you are planning a trip right now, wait till after the 9th before you buy or sign anything related to it. A little repetition might be needed to get your peers and siblings to listen, so its a good thing that you are the most patient sign in the zodiac. 

 (May 21 June-21)

You are in for a great emotional connection this month, Gemini, even though you are not normally one for gooey emotional displays. You can find that place inside of you where you start feeling sentimental toward a partner (or a potential one), and your ability to listen with your heart gets you noticed. You are at an advantage as the sun and Jupiter line up in the areas that you want them to when you are ready to meet a kindred spirit, which is by definition someone with whom you can talk, talk, and talk with all night long. The last week of the month is an especially powerful time to meet people with whom you have very deep connections. You most likely find them in a surprising place or in a very unusual manner. Mercury Retrograde in the first week of July really just gives you a minute to reflect back on financial issues where you may have skipped over some details. Now is the time to go back and fix those up. 

(June 22 July 23)
zodiac sign-cancer

The sun stays in your sign until the 23rd. Until then you are working on your own sense of what is right for you and what you want out of relationships, given that your financial state has been your focus for quite a while. You will have two breakthroughs this month: one in the middle of the month when a surprise answer to a pressing question comes to light, and the second after the 23rd when the sun finally makes a nice angle to Jupiter in the work area of your chart. It has been obvious that you have been doing a lot for yourself for a while, without much financial support from partners, and without many outside resources coming in (or, at least not as much as you would have liked). Since Mercury is in your sign now, take care when telling people what you want and use this time to speak from your sense of intuition, instead of from heightened or anxious emotions. When you do this, partners are much more likely to pay you your due. Mercury Retrograde may have a personal meaning for you, Cancer, because it happens in your sign. You will want to wait till after the 9th of July before you go all out in expressing your deepest emotions toward a special person in your life. You will feel much more in control and much less tongue tied after that date. 

 (July 23 August 22)
zodiac sign-leo

Well, Leo, now that the sun AND Mercury are in the sector of your chart where everything is subconscious and hides under the surface, youll really be wondering what the heck everyone is talking about. Any insecurities you have had over the past couple of years in your close relationships are understandable, and at this time of year either you go into a shell ready to pop out full force in August, or you become very good at surprising others with the side of you that is deep, undecipherable and magical. Either way, you will reach deep down this month, and I am willing to bet that what you find is the most wonderful idea about how to handle romantic relationships that you have had in quite a while. The last week of July is a more emotional time for you when you simply cant take any imposed limitations on how you express your love and your fun-loving side. Go for it and be the warm, loving Lion that you always want to be. Your Mercury Retrograde reminder is to wait it out before approaching very sensitive subjects with people you love until after July 9th. By then, all the people around you who are not sure how they feel about things will right themselves and all will be just ducky. Now, if you could just figure out what the heck they are all talking about. 

(August 23 Sept 22)
zodiac signs

This is a great time for you to go out and find a spiritual mentor or new teacher, Virgo, as Mars moves into your sector of higher education and philosophical pursuits. Your sun will shine with the wisdom you have to share and you may even become a mentor to someone else. Get ready: in the middle of the month, that person you thought was just a friend might turn out not to be: he or she might think you are hot, or might start drooling over you unexpectedly. That is just some sun-Jupiter magnetism coming out, and if you are so inclined to take your sexy side and show it off, cook this person (or anyone for that matter) and outrageous meal. You will be especially adept, and sexy, in the kitchen! Venus is moving in to your sign by the end of the month, so flaunt yourself because you are oh-so attractive. For you, Mercury Retrograde happens in the sector of friends, hopes and wishes. This secret crush might not come to light until after the 9th, though it may have begun to fester around Independence Day. Just hold on a little longer, and after the 9th your ruling planet Mercury will right itself and you will see ways to fulfill your dreams much more clearly again. 

(Sept 23 - October 23)
zodiac signs

You have the ability to read more deeply into your own and others motives this month. Oh, and with the sexiest planet in our solar system wandering into the sexiest sector of your chart (and the planet of love playing hide and seek on you), you might just end up with an interesting story about attraction to boast about later on. Your ruling planet (the one that rules love) is moving into a place where there are no rules, so just be aware that when you think you know what other people are thinking, think again; And make sure that before you give away anybodys secrets you dont have any romantic skeletons hiding in your closet. If you create any new romantic skeletons now they might be in danger of being exposed next month

Another interpretation of this seductive energy you have going on is that it is heightening your intuition, so you will clearly know what situations you can be in, and which ones you can not.

Mercury Retrograde affects the career point of your chart this month, and the place where you are known in the world. You might have to do some type of repeat performance before the 9th in the areas of work and public communications, and take care to speak wisely to your superiors during this time. 

(October 24 Nov 21)
zodiac signs

Scorpios have a reputation for being able to see right through other people, and this month you will be seeing other peoples motives, and possibly their secrets, very clearly. Also, one of your ruling planets, Mars, which describes ones passions, is going to be running through your partnership sector this month. This will likely fire up an existing attraction that you have been curious about lately. On the flip side, you may find yourself running into people who seem to be your total opposite, but they are more like you than you think they are. You can learn something about your own psychology by observing them very closely. The planets of love and restriction/discipline are meeting up in your career sector this week, so if you are far from thrilled with some of the people at work these days, just go with the flow and it will pass. Mercury retrograde is asking you to rethink some of your philosophical beliefs until the 9th of July (another reason why this month will be a time of gaining insight into yourself). 

(Nov 22 Dec 21)
zodiac signs

Hey, Sag, we know that you have been taking some hard knocks over the last few years. You will be happy to know that this month, lots of nice easy angles are softening any blows you might have suffered lately. Of course, you still have some work ahead of you, but it looks like people will start treating you more gently, and with more respect than they have of late. You love to teach others what you know, so now that the planet of love is inching over your public point and into the place where you impart your knowledge, go out and find a way to share your ideas about love and relationships. Dont be surprised if people in need of this type of guidance come to you. Also, you have a theme this month that points to work relationships being very important. Take note of what is going on around you at work. You may start to see some of the relationships you have with your co-workers in a new light. Mercury retrograde stalls in your sector that deals with other peoples finances. Avoid asking any questions, or seeking any answers, about financial mysteries this month until after the 9th, when conversations about money will be less likely to touch the wrong nerve. 

(Dec 22 January 19 )

Itching to take a long distance trip? Finding your thoughts wandering to far-off places? Longing to return to a place (or a person) from the distant past? Dont be surprised if all of that is true for you this month, Cappy. You are getting a mega-dose of romantic energy in July that will cause you to be more sensual than you usually are. Take advantage of your adventurous mood but be sure that you dont get too caught up with someone who turns out to be a very different person than you thought he or she was. Hopefully the sun in your partnership house (as it always is this time of year) helps you see everything for what it is, despite any urges to leap without looking. In a word, this month should be FUN!! Give your brain a rest and be a little impish, for you are just full of sex appeal now. Mercury Retrograde happens in your partnership sector, so as was suggested before, you might have a past relationship or partner on your mind, or have a mix-up in communications with a love interest (or other type of partner) in the first week of July. No worries, everything goes in the right direction after the 9th. 

 (Jan 20 Feb 18)

The planet of love will be leaving your marriage/partnership sector on July 14th, Water Bearers, and moves into your sexy sector (which, by the way, rules all the resources that your partners have both materially and monetarily). You will have the chance to size up the people you have met recently and determine what they have and how they can help you further your own goals. We know that you are a natural humanitarian, but go ahead and be picky. Some of your personal goals are likely to be for the betterment of other people, anyway. You might notice that your partners/romantic interests might be mirroring some leftover hang-ups, which are rooted in your psyche from childhood. This happens to people all the time, but the point is that you are actually noticing them this month. Do not let this limit you! Make it a point to use your interactions with these people to help you figure out what you can live with and what you cant live with, in a new romantic partner. Youll thank me for this information in a couple of months (stay tuned for future Partnership horoscopes to find out why!). Mercury retrograde happens for you in the place where you want to serve others. If you find yourself being asked to assist a particular person who you thought you saved once before, you can rest assured that this energy will be out of the way after July 9th. Everyone knows that Aquarians dont like to have to repeat themselves. People should just listen to you the first time. 

 (Feb 19 March 20)

Youll be happy to know that people will be speaking more slowly and clearly this month, and in a language that you understand. You will finally be meeting people with whom you share a,vibe. Some of these people will seem very familiar to you, and one could end up becoming a long-term partner, if not just romantically, then also in your quest to help a worthy cause! (Hint: participate in a worthy cause this month). And lucky you! Just as people start to speak your language, the planet of love moves into your partnership house. Take advantage of this great opportunity and get out there for some serious socialization (responsibly, of course). For you, Mercury Retrograde is stalling in your romance/fun/dating sector. Not to worry. After July 9th, when Mercury goes direct again, you will start to really feel the instant connectedness with the world around you, and especially with people who were born under other water signs (Hint: look for a special connection who is a water sign, like you). 




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Competitor's event

Several of you have complained bitterly about one specific woman who runs speed dating events on Long Island.  You have asked for refunds to no avail, and told me that you felt "ripped off" and "misled" by her poorly run unorganized events.  Well, there is something you can do to prevent this from happening to anyone else.  Please email me at or call me at 718-757-6933 for details.
Thanks, Jay.




How to choose the right singles organization?

It has been happening a lot lately.  I receive emails (see below), and lots of people pull me aside at the events to share their stories about recent experiences with a particular competitor who operates in the Long Island area.  This woman has unfortunately left many of you with a very sour taste in your mouth about speed dating and singles groups in general.

Please understand that not all events are the same.  There are some very good groups (besides Weekendating) who have your best interests at heart.  If this woman's event is the only group you have tried, I hope you will give another organization a chance.

I will share with you the actual email received this week.  If you read the article
How to choose the right singles event, you will find that many of the issues the email complained about were already addressed.

Jay, I must tell you...I tried a different speed dating service the other night. It was { } speed dating...It was awful!  After having attended hers, I realized how much better and organized your events are.  I even might have gotten you some new customers...because I was telling my "dates" how much better you are and gave them your website. :)

What I didn't like about hers was...she actually started at 9:00, after telling everyone to be there at 7:30.  A lot of peopel looked uncomfortable waiting around the bar for over an hour.  She didn't introduce herself.  She didn't give us a separate piece of paper to take our own notes, nor did she give us time to take notes.  I can't remember who is who.  :)  The next day, all she does is give the guys the phone number (I would prefer email) of the women they were a match with...she does not even contact the women at all with the names of the guys who said yes to her.  Oh, and yes, the worst thing, she advertised two age groups and then stuck them all together.  So some of the young guys were unhappy with meeting the older women.  I actually had a guy sit down at my table and say to me "so you're old too"!  Can you believe that?  I wrote her an email telling her how unhappy I was. 
Ok, I'm done complaining.  :)





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