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Tue 8/14 Bethpage Free event: The Wellness Workshop - Simple & Easy Changes to Improve Your Life
Wed 8/15 NYC Firefighters, Nurses and Friends Boat Ride. 
Tues 9/11 Islip LI 9/11 Memorial Night Fundraiser/ballgame at the Long Island Ducks
Thurs 9/20 NYC Salute to Firefighters Charity event from Adams Angels.  Tickets available at any or FaceToFaceNetworking event.  Call 718-757-6933.  This event sold out last year, so dont get shut out.  Buy your ticket today.
Mon in Sept. Bethpage, NYC  Speed Networking for Business Professionals: Not a singles event: NYC, Long Island


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Sunday, August 19th at 6 PM
East Meadow

Save $8.00 with the discount code Softball1:   Register here

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Your Romance and Partnership Horoscope - August 2007
from Vanessa Calderon (Seventh Sense Astrology)

Note to all signs: Venus, the planet of love, is in what we call, retrograde motionshe appears to be moving backwards in the sky during the entire month of August. During this time we are asked to clean house, so to speak, in the romance and partnership and materialistic areas in our lives. Think about what you put the most value on in your relationships. Keep the things that you know have been working for you, and discard any old habits that you feel might be hindering you in your quest to have love in your life.

To read Vanessa's article about Astrology readings, visit Astrology and Relationships

(March 21 April 19)
zodiac signs-aries

You feel relieved by the higher energy voltage we are having this month as
compared to last month, Aries. This is more your style. And Venus will be
in backwards motion through your house of romance and dating. This could be fun, as you take an opportunity to visit an old haunt. Preferably some place where you have had luck in meeting people in the past! On top of that, lucky you! You have a little kick in the fun-pants by Mercury this month. This also happens in your dating sector, so if you ever had the charm and wit to impress on the singles scene, this would be the time. Even if you are in a romantic partner ship right now, just go have fun and impress people you socialize with. It will be so easy.


 (April 20-May 20)
zodiac signs-taurus

Your world speeds up again this month, Taurus. Last month, more people did things your way, and were asked to have patience. This month they are back to their same old tricks. Also, Venus is your ruling planet. When she appears to be moving backward in the sky, you feel it more so than other people. She is teasing you, by moving into your romance sector and back out again. Go back over anything house or home related that you need to put the finishing touches on. Partnerships that have a very nostalgic feel to them will be highlighted. Make sure that you have covered all your bases and resolve some family related issues that have come about over the past several months, and then you will be ready to really concentrate on your romance again in the fall, when Venus hands you flowers.


 (May 21 June-21)

You should go ahead and plan a night at a comedy club this month, Gemini. You will have fun there, and the potential for romance is high in places where people are talking, laughing, or giving speeches on light-hearted topics. Much of this action takes place in your own neighborhood so you dont have to go very far! If you felt an urge to settle into a domesticated mode in the last week of July, well, it was just another one of your urges. It will come back after August, but in the meantime, go out on that short trip you have wanted to take, and spend time with people who you think of as brothers and sisters, or even your own neighbors. These people should bring you much luck and social happiness in August.


(June 22 July 23)
zodiac sign-cancer

Saturn has been in your solar house of finances and how you value people and things, and you will feel a strong a pull toward keeping a grasp on the things you value highly in your life during this month. Venus, which is moving backwards in that same sector throughout August, is causing this sense of urgency and a need to hold on. But fear not, you will get some relief as we all begin to think in a more grounded manner, and your partners start to get serious about how you want things to be, by the third week of the month. Heres a heads up: people who you partner with at work or in very public circles are keeping mum on things that are going on behind the scenes. They might not be prepared to tell you everything you want to know yet, so just adopt an attitude of wait-and-see.


 (July 23 August 22)
zodiac sign-leo

Ugh, FINALLY we are speaking your language. Forgive us for being so difficult to figure out last month, we know how you enjoy keeping things light. Anyway, Venus is walking out of your sign for about a minute, and then she is walking back in for the remainder of August, albeit backwards. This will be a good thing. You look great. You have Mars passion on your side, and your romance house is getting a hefty dose of him, so it is all about sex appeal and friendships that include added benefits this month! Dont let it all go to your head though, and do not be too extravagant with your money spending. Just make sure that what you buy is what you really want, or you might be asking yourself what you were thinking come September. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


(August 23 Sept 22)
zodiac signs

The answer you have been searching for from a loved one will surface during the last 10 days of this month. You might be surprised by what you hear. Last month, Venus was knocking on the door of your sector of self-confidence, and you were so ready to let her in. The things you believed about your partners and about your relationship philosophies might be challenged this month, but its all for the best. Even though you do not like to have to make changes in how you categorize everything in your life, you will survive any jolts to your comfort zone, and you Virgos always do. You will have your own ruling planet on your side by the last week of the month, and it will make angles that put you back on top of the wisdom heap again.


(Sept 23 - October 23)
zodiac signs

Venus rules Libra, so when she appears to move backward in the sky, you feel it more strongly than other signs do, (Libra and Taurus have this in common). Your partners will be more flexible than they were over the last two months. Now is a good time to you cover old ground with friends of yours who have been relying on you for relationship or other advice. You might have to remind them that their best allies are their own ethics, and a sense of when to act and when to hold back, especially in sticky situations. You will be in an energy pattern that brings luck when people from foreign countries are involved. You should keep those ears open for a new acquaintance who has an intriguing accent, and watch for an opportunity to go somewhere you havent been before. Chances are you will feel a certain strange familiarality with the places you visit and the people whom you meet.


(October 24 Nov 21)
zodiac signs

What to do, what to do? If ever there was a time for you to have your passionate cake and eat it too, this is it. Just be aware that one of your slices is a work or career acquaintance, you might want to think it through more carefully. You are likely to be attracted to a coworker or a friend this month. Maybe it is a coworker or business contact with which you have developed a strong friendship. However these energies intertwine for you, you are probably going to be presented with a small dating or partnership dilemma. What do you value the most, and how much do you value it? It is not really so important that you choose one type of relationship over another right now; It will be important that you are still happy with your decisions come autumn, when you will deal with the repercussions. Just dont be sneaky this month.


(Nov 22 Dec 21)
zodiac signs

Your words will mean a lot to other people this month, especially around the 20th. Good thing you are meticulous about how you present yourself because people will be listening intently. You are likely to be the one to shake up a scene or a situation that you know needs to be changed. You are especially ripe to deal with changes in partnerships and marriages this month (not only yours but others as well). You will either be the voice of reason or the one to take a stand. This will apply doubly to family situations and issues that will effect peoples living situations. On a personal level, astrologers may have been raving about your ruling planet being in your own sign and how lucky that is for you. I am here to tell you that if you find that to be hogwash, it is because you are in a cycle of character building, which is not always a bed of roses. You should take advantage of the planets this month and go vent to someone about how strong you have been for everyone else. You deserve a break.


(Dec 22 January 19 )

Capricorns are endearing because you are all much more sensitive than people realize. This is because the sign that rules your solar partnership house is Cancer, and there is no more emotional sign than that. It is you who is expected to be the one who can take care of anything, and everything (or is that just your lofty expectations for yourself?). Some sensitivity will return in the first half of the month that you thought had passed in June. In addition, everything personal this month points to the material resources of your partners. You might be asked for your advice in this area. The good news is, dont be surprised if you meet at least one important contact who is financially well off and/or in the financial business. In fact, if you have been thinking about taking a course on finances, this would be the time to do it. This arena will be lucky for you in the first half of August. Toward the end, all of the emotional energy will give way to a more practical energy, conducive to getting down to business.


 (Jan 20 Feb 18)

You are getting flooded with planets in partnership areas of your chart this month, Aquarius. If you are feeling like you can accomplish almost anything you want to on the dating and social scenes, it is because you can. Your ability to be flexible, your ability to size up a partner, and your ability to get your point across all come together this month. With the exception of a slightly serious tone in the beginning of the month, you are all set to go. Everyone will be wishing that they were Aquarians in the third and fourth weeks of the month as you get a nice combination of romance and friendship energies to play with. You will be covering some old ground for most of the month, possibly having some contact and conversation with an old flame or old business contact, but things are lighthearted enough this month to make all things tolerable.


 (Feb 19 March 20)

Home, family, and domestic service are highlighted for you this month, but there might be someone you have met recently who is lurking in the background, and is staying behind the scenes. You would like to carry through with things and people you have noticed recently but there seems to be too much going on at home, and you will have to take care of that first. When you meet someone nice in these next couple of weeks, be it a romantic or a business prospect; keep all lines of communications open and save that phone number. Keep in touch, because in less than two months you will have more freedom to roam and explore the possibilities. During the last week of the month, you have the power of the spoken word on your side. Use it wisely.




Free Mingle Event if you qualify- See details below

 Sun 8/12 @6:15 PM

Location announced to those who register.

On Sun 8/12, we will be going for a one -two mile walk in Bayside.  This is an unstructured event where you can get a little exercise, make some new friends and maybe more.  This is a complimentary mingle for those who qualify (see details below) or $5.00 if you do not qualify.



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Important Note about Complimentary events
You may have noticed some complimentary events on the schedule recently.  These will continue periodically, however I have implemented a few ground rules.  These comments refer to these special events only, and are not referring to our regular events.

  • If you HAVE made a paid reservation for a event:

           *You can attend TWO of these special complimentary events.  These events are not listed on
             the main website and are announced in this newsletter.  For each paid reservation you have
             made within the past twelve months, you will can attend an additional one of these special

  • If you have NOT made a paid reservation for one of our regular events within the past twelve months, you can attend TWO of these special events.    After that you would be required to pay the regular price for the event.

  • If you register for one of these complimentary events, but fail to attend or fail to cancel within 24 hours, you will NOT be eligible to attend any of these special complimentary events in the future and will be required to pay the regular price listed. 



Things that make you go hmm...Personal Ads

I was talking to a female friend the other day about how frustrating it is for most guys on the personal ad sites.  She confirmed a lot of what I already wrote about in a prior blog entry " Why men dont get responses from Personal Ads", however added a few additional interesting nuggets of information. 


Things have gotten so out of hand for her and her friends, that they have developed a new strategy to deal with the amount of emails they get.    What is the strategy?  It is the recruitment of their married friends who are at home with the kids, to sift through the email responses for them. 


So when you think you are responding to someone, you may not be.  It could be a friend who is weeding through the emails.


When I asked why such extreme measures were needed, my friend said "reading through the responses is like a full time job.  I just do not have the time for it.  Plus, a lot of the responses are garbage, obviously cut and paste jobs the guy sent to everyone.  My girlfriend who is home anyway can save me the time of looking through.  Even worse is that guys send you an email, and then a month later he sends you the same exact email!  I have even had circumstances where I dated someone from online, and a month later the guy sent me a message introducing himself on the same personals site we initially met from.

Her advice?? Be original, show that you actually read the profile and do not send the same email to everyone.  "I compare my responses with my girlfriends to see if they are the same."



Singles Articles/BlogClick to choose The Art of the Pickup
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The blog has been simplified and you can find all of the articles at  Please share your comments.  Also, if you would like to submit your own story, ask advice etc, please post in the blog or email  Here is a listing of topics you can read or comment on:




Singles Travel
Sometimes a great idea is only a click away Unique Vacations for Singles

Many consider fall the best time of year to travel because prices start to drop, temperatures begin to moderate and you can even get an aisle seat on your favorite airline.

This fall can really be special if you join us for one of our exciting singles vacations. We have a great mix of travel adventures truly something for everybody starting with a

Yosemite Hiker offering a chance to see Americas most beautiful park during the day with comfortable lodge living in the evenings.


For a more active week consider our Grand Canyon Multi Sport Camper which consists of spectacular daily activities and the ultimate camping experience.

We have scheduled our first Urban Explorer with an extended Weekend Tour of Savannah and for our most adventurous a weeklong hiker to Machu Picchu.  This is a breathtaking journey to an incredible ancient mystical civilization.


Lastly this November we have organized a My First Cruise an inexpensive 4 day cruise sampler for all ages out of Ft. Lauderdale visiting Key West and Cozumel, an excellent starter cruise to see if you are ready for a full 7 program.


Our singles vacations are great fun vacations and best of all you will be in the company of other singles with similar interests.. There is no better way to travel!


The 2nd Annual Salute to Firefighters. 
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There is something you can do
Competitor's event

Several of you have complained bitterly about one specific woman who runs speed dating events on Long Island.  You have asked for refunds to no avail, and told me that you felt "ripped off" and "misled" by her poorly run unorganized events.  Well, there is something you can do to prevent this from happening to anyone else.  Please email me at or call me at 718-757-6933 for details.
Thanks, Jay.




How to choose the right singles organization?

It has been happening a lot lately.  I receive emails (see below), and lots of people pull me aside at the events to share their stories about recent experiences with a particular competitor who operates in the Long Island area.  This woman has unfortunately left many of you with a very sour taste in your mouth about speed dating and singles groups in general.

Please understand that not all events are the same.  There are some very good groups (besides Weekendating) who have your best interests at heart.  If this woman's event is the only group you have tried, I hope you will give another organization a chance.

I will share with you the actual email received this week.  If you read the article
How to choose the right singles event, you will find that many of the issues the email complained about were already addressed.

Jay, I must tell you...I tried a different speed dating service the other night. It was { } speed dating...It was awful!  After having attended hers, I realized how much better and organized your events are.  I even might have gotten you some new customers...because I was telling my "dates" how much better you are and gave them your website. :)

What I didn't like about hers was...she actually started at 9:00, after telling everyone to be there at 7:30.  A lot of peopel looked uncomfortable waiting around the bar for over an hour.  She didn't introduce herself.  She didn't give us a separate piece of paper to take our own notes, nor did she give us time to take notes.  I can't remember who is who.  :)  The next day, all she does is give the guys the phone number (I would prefer email) of the women they were a match with...she does not even contact the women at all with the names of the guys who said yes to her.  Oh, and yes, the worst thing, she advertised two age groups and then stuck them all together.  So some of the young guys were unhappy with meeting the older women.  I actually had a guy sit down at my table and say to me "so you're old too"!  Can you believe that?  I wrote her an email telling her how unhappy I was. 
Ok, I'm done complaining.  :)





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