Fri 10/17 @ 8:00 PM

Roller Skating- Long Island Singles


Venue United Skates- Seaford

We will meet at a local bar/restaurant at 8 PM (exact location announced once you register)  for a few drinks and a mingle and then head over to the roller skating rink (walking distance).  It is important that you come to the mingle for some introductions.  We will NOT be wearing name tags at the rink.

At the facility we will have a private area where pizza will also be served.


Scorecard Matching You will have the option to email me a list of names of individuals you would like to keep in touch with, but may not have gotten contact information.   We will send them an email letting them know that you were interested and provide your email address.


Includes *Roller Skating
*Skate Rental
*Scorecard Matching

Cost $35.75 on/bef 10/13; $23.75 if on mailing list with discount code
$40.75 on 10/14-10/17; $28.75 if on
mailing list with discount code
*No mailing list discount if registered on/aft 10/16

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