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Happy Birthday Month Discount

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SAVE 25% off the regular price of a REGULAR SPEED DATING EVENT (no special events, Jewish Only, Catholic Only, bowling, bbq's etc). during the month of your birthday only,

How it works
1) Print this page for your records.

2) Register for any REGULAR speed dating event online (no special events, religious, bbq's etc) at the regular price.

3) Present this page to the organizer of the event.

4) Your credit card will be refunded by 25% of the regular price. 

The fine print

a) This offer CAN NOT be combined with any other offer or promotions. 

b) If you use a discount code when registering for the event, that amount will be deducted from your total savings.. Basically this means you get 25% off the regular price of the event.  Not 25% off the already reduced price you got by using a discount code.

c) This offer is valid for only ONE regular speed dating event during your birthday month.  You can not use any other promotions in addition to this during your birthday month.

d) You MUST provide this page at the event.  It can NOT be emailed, faxed, scanned, mailed at a later date.  No exceptions.. It MUST be provided at the event.

e) You MUST show a drivers license or something else showing your birthday at the event.

f) This offer is only Valid DURING THE MONTH OF YOUR BIRTHDAY.  It is not valid for the month after, month before, or a day after your birthday month.. Only valid for your birthday month.

g) Offer valid only for pre-registrations made through the weekenddating.com website. Not valid for any cash.


Q) I do not see any events for me during my birthday month or the event I am interested is already sold out....  can you extend the promotion.

A) Unfortunately we can not.  We have several age groups to choose from every month and some get sold out faster then others.  Please register early to ensure that you get in.

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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