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NYC, LI , CT Coordinator

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We sometimes look for event organizers for the Long Island and NYC territory and Stamford. 

The type of person we want

  • Someone who is self motivated and is looking to take ownership of a small territory.

      Presentable. You need to have a good sense of style and make a nice appearance.

  • Personable. People are nervous when coming to a singles event and part of your responsibilities would be to make them feel welcome.

  • Someone who is able to think on their feet and think outside the box when necessary. When you deal with the public, you never know what can happen.

  • Must be computer savvy, a self starter and interested in learning about Social Media.

  • Financially Responsible- To qualify, all organizers must have a credit card.  This provides us with an additional check to ensure the organizer is financially responsible.  

  • Organized and pays meticulous attention to details.

  • Social Marketing savy-  Be active on Facebook and other social media outlets
    to help promote the events (Optional)

    What you need

  • High Speed Internet Access (that means no dial up)
  • Microsoft Word and Excel
  • A printer (preferably a laser, but an ink jet will also do)
  • Your own car and a valid drivers license/insurance
  • Your own cell phone  
  • A credit card

  • Some of your responsibilities
    The system is broken up into 3 parts. 

  •   a) First is preparing the documents necessary for the event.  This involves going into the back end system and manipulating some data and printing, sorting and collating. (45 minutes)

    b)      Second part is actually running the event.  We teach you step by step how this is done (approx. 2 hours)

    c)      Sending the results and other (45 minutes)

    d)      Primarily looking for a 1x a month.  Events can be on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  ) 


    You would be paid as a 1099 independent contractor.  Organizers start out earning $130 flat plus potential bonus.  You will have some minimum expenses that comes out of this amount, such as paying for nametags, pens, paper, tipping the staff.   At the end of the day, it averages out to about $25-$28 an hour.

    Background Check

    A full background check including searches of driver records (looking for DWIs etc), criminal records, credit report, civil litigation, rent/prior employer references and others searches would be conducted. You would also be required to sign a non-compete agreement, enforceable for 24 months.  Applicants with DWI or criminal convictions will not be considered.

    What to do next?

    This is a very exciting opportunity and we want to be your partner in making this a success.  If you would like to proceed in the application process, the next step is:

    1) Email Jay Rosensweig at Info@Weekenddating.com to request an application.  Submit the application and resume along with a current photo headshot for consideration.

    Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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