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Bowling article in Distinction Magazine:2/2008

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At WeekendDating.com, we believe that true connections are best made in person, and our innovative events are designed to help singles meet and mingle in unique and fun settings. One such event, featured in Distinction magazine, showcased how bowling can be the perfect backdrop for romance.

In the article "Love in the Fast Lane," Julie Janovsky explores how singles like Pat Gagliardi from Massapequa found love not through online profiles, but at a local bowling alley. On a wintry Saturday evening, Pat joined one of our speed dating bowling events at Levittown Bowl, where the focus was more on strikes and spares than on swipes and likes.

Jay Rosensweig, founder of WeekendDating.com, was inspired to create these social events as an alternative to the often impersonal nature of online dating. By bringing people together in relaxed, enjoyable environments, participants can engage in genuine face-to-face interactions. Whether it's striking up conversations between frames or sharing a laugh over a missed pin, these events offer a refreshing change from the digital dating scene.

Our speed dating bowling nights have become a favorite among local singles looking for a fun and low-pressure way to meet potential partners. As Pat Gagliardi and many others have discovered, sometimes the best way to find love is to simply step away from the screen and enjoy an evening out.

Read the full story to see how our events are helping people connect in meaningful ways.

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