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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. You may also browse through the "Frequently Asked Questions" below to find your answers.

Q: What will happen if I need to cancel?

A. Broadway/Off Broadway Show Events & Concerts/All other events-  If you cancel within 5 days of the event, a $35.00 processing fee per ticket will be assessed for any Broadway/ Off Broadway Show event.    No refund or credit will be issued/ for same day cancellations or cancellations within 1-4 days.

A. Baseball Games/Zoo/Museum/Mingles- If you cancel within 5 days of the event, a $25.00 processing fee per ticket will be assessed.    If you cancel 2-4 days prior to the event, you can receive credit towards another event.  No refund or credit will be issued for same day or day before cancellations.

A: REGULAR SPEED DATING:  No problem!  Refunds will gladly be given if we are notified within 5 business days of the event that you can not attend. A $7.00 processing fee per ticket will be assessed for regular speed dating events.  If you cancel 2-4 days prior to the event, you can receive credit towards another event.  No refund or credit will be issued for same day or day before cancellations.

Q: What if I become sick last minute and can not attend or I cancel the same day?

A: We certainly understand that things can happen last minute, but unfortunately we can not issue a refund or credit for a last minute/ Same Day cancellation. It is the same concept as having tickets to a Broadway show and needing to cancel last minute. We only have a limited number of seats for each event.  With regards to speed dating events, we open and close availability at times in resopnse to the gender balance.

Q: Why do you require proof of age at the events? Nobody else does!  What if I lie?

A. For all of our cultural/activity events, there is no proof of age required.  Proof of age only applies to a regular speed dating event.

A: People pay good money to come to our events and we do not believe it is fair to advertise one thing and deliver another. We do give an 18 month grace on the ages for speed dating and two years grace on other events. We frequently hear complaints about other events where the age groups are way off and the customer walks away feeling cheated. That will not happen at a WeekendDating.com event.

If you lie about your age, you will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund or credit towards another event.

Q: Why do most of your events have the male top age higher than the female? That is unfair!!

A: Our activity/cultural events events are typically open to all ages and not meant to be gender balanced.  

Regarding regular speed dating, we agree it is unfair and in an ideal world age would not matter. However 80% of the men we speak with are looking for a woman who is younger, where 50% of the women we speak with are looking for a guy who is older. This is why the age brackets are structured the way they are. We have tried to hold events where the ages are the same for men and women, however the turnout suffered. We do hold some non-speed dating events that are open to all ages, or where the ages are equal.

Q: Is Weekend Dating a Service?

A: Unlike a dating service that can cost thousands of dollars, Weekend Dating is NOT a dating service.  We run organized activity/social events which are about sharing the activity together.  It is a pay per event type of system.    If you are looking purely for dating, it is suggested that you check out one of our regular speed dating events.  

Q: Do I need a Reservation?

A: Since space is limited, you will need a reservation. Our events are private parties and without a reservation there is no guarantee that a space will be available. You are welcome to call 516-908-9638 us the day of the event to see if we have a last minute cancellation, but there are no guarantees. If there is a cancellation you can register on the spot. However, if the event is full, we regretfully will not have space for observers. We suggest you call the day before the event to check for cancellations

Q: I am having trouble making a Reservation. What should I do?

A: Please contact us at 718-757-6933 and we will gladly help you through the registration process.

Q: What venues do you hold events at?

A: Our venues have included Mustang Harrys, Bruno's in Ronkonkoma, Cats Meow in Smithtown, The Sly Fox, Luckys in Queens, Noche Blue in Levittown, RC Dugans in East Meadow, Mulcahy's in Wantagh, Brandywine in Bay Ridge, Delia's Lounge Bay Ridge, Greenhouse Cafe in Bay Ridge, and Pazzo Bay Ridge, NY. Non-speed dating events take place in a variety of places.

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