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***WINNER- for REGULAR Speed Dating***

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

Contact us now at (516) 908-9638 or (718) 757-6933 with any questions. 

1) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PRINTED THE SPIN PAGE which shows what you won.  Alternatively you can print the email winner page that shows the same information.  

2) Register for  any REGULAR speed dating event (no special or religious themed events) Today or Tomorrow .  This offer is only valid today or tomorrow.  See additional details below.

3)Follow the easy instructions BELOW on this page.




How to redeem instructions

Offer Valid today or tomorrow (the day you first spun and the next day only)

You can attend any regular speed dating event (no special events- no Jewish only, Catholic only, shows, no children events etc.) for the amount it says from your prize wheel spin   if you sign up TODAY or Tomorrow (the day you first spun the wheel or the next day).  The date is documented in our system.  If you are not sure if the event you are interested qualifies for this promotion, please call Jay at 718-757-6933 PRIOR to registering.

Once you spun this special wheel,  you have one day to claim  your prize.. Any subsequent registrations or spins will not be honored.

How to redeem

1) Make sure you Printed the results from your Prize Wheel Spin or from the   email you received.       

2) Register for a REGULAR SPEED DATING event within one day of first spinning this particular wheel, at the regular price. Bring the prior page (the page where you spun.. It shows what you won, or the email you received with your winnings)  with you to the event and present it to the organizer. You must present the physical paper at the event. Discount will not be honored without that document AT THE EVENT. (No exceptions. That page must be presented AT THE EVENT, not afterwards to be honored).  Did I mention that you must bring that paper and present it AT THE EVENT.  You can not fax it, mail it or scan it later on.  Present it AT THE event to get the promotion.  

3)For a regular speed dating event, your credit card will be refunded the day   after the event by the difference between what you paid and the amount it says   you get in for from your spin (example: you register for the event at regular   price eg $40 and you won $23 admission, your credit card will be refunded   $17). not including any   service fees. If you fail to show up or do not stay for the event in its   ENTIRETY (you leave early),  no credit card refunds will be honored.       

Note: This offer is valid if you signed up for an event within one day of   spinning this particular wheel., not from the date you printed this page.   Your initial join date is documented in our system. So if spun on day 1 using   an email and a specific computer, and then again on day 2 (using a different   email or computer), we go with day 1.

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Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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