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Thank you for signing up on the newsletter list.  We do   periodic promotions and email individuals on the newsletter list with free   admission offers.  The newsletter will also provide you with discount   codes so that you can get discounted rates.                 Contact us now at (516) 908-9638 or (718) 757-6933 with any questions.  

$23 Speed Dating

Congratulations, you registered for the mailing list during a special promotional time. You can attend any regular speed dating event (no special events) for only $23 (first time customers only) if you sign up TODAY or Tomorrow (the day you first subscribed to our mailing list or the next day). See details below.   (Again, this applies for a regular speed dating event, no specialty events (e.g. Speed Bowling, Speed Pool, New Years Parties, Mingles, dances, Jewish only events, Catholic events, game night, etc. ).  If you are not sure if the event you are interested qualifies for this promotion, please call Jay at 718-757-6933 PRIOR to registering.


 Not valid for Female tickets on regular speed dating events for our top age bracket where  

  • Women are 50- 61; Men 52-68; or  for any similar top age brackets for speed dating (e.g. Women 49-60, Men 50-67 etc).

For this event, ladies who register with a man who is a first time customer receive a 75% discount on the female ticket.  Email info@weekenddating.com if you qualify.

Also not valid for any charity events and other selected events.

**This offer is also not valid for any events that indicate "this is not a Weekenddating.com event."  These are fun events that we are promoting for another organization, but not organized by Weekenddating.com.

How to redeem

1) Print this page for your records. 

2) Register for an event within one day of first signing up for the mailing list, at the regular price. Bring this page with you to the event and present it to the organizer. You must present the physical paper at the event. Discount will not be honored without this document AT THE EVENT. (No exceptions. This page must be presented AT THE EVENT, not afterwards to be honored).  Did I mention that you must bring this paper and present it AT THE EVENT.  You can not fax it, mail it or scan it later on.  Present it AT THE event to get the promotion.

3)For a regular speed dating event, your credit card will be refunded the day after the event by the difference between what you paid and $23 (example: you register for the event at regular price eg $40, your credit card will be refunded $17). not including any service fees. If you fail to show up, no credit card refunds will be honored. See definition below of a regular speed dating event.

Note: This offer is valid if you signed up for an event within one day of first subscribing to the mailing list, not from the date you printed this page. Your subscription date is documented in our system. So if you subscribed on Jan 1 and then again on Jan 20, your initial subscription date is Jan 1. If you used multiple emails to sign up for the mailing list, the earliest date for any of the email addresses will be considered the initial subscription date.

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What is a regular speed dating event?- A pretty equal number of men and women pre-register for an event. They spend approximately 5 minutes talking. After the five minutes, the man circles yes or no for the woman (if he would like to keep in touch) and the woman does the same for the man. This continues until everyone has met. At the end of the night, scorecards are processed for the organizer to tally. The next morning you receive an email letting you know who you matched with.

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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