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Mask Policy (updated 7/29/2021)..  Subject to change based on CDC, NYS and the Venues guidelines

Outdoor venues
Masks are optional.   We will not require proof of vaccination or negative test for events being held.    When sitting at the speed dating table, masks are NOT required, unless one person requests it.  So if both people sitting together are ok with having the mask down, it is fine.  However, if one person is more comfortable with the mask being on, we ask for you to mask up for that particular round.  

The CDC recommends that Non Vaccinated indivdiuals wear a mask in social gatherings.

Rain /Heat Policy/Indoor event Policy
If a scheduled OUTDOOR event has a weather forecast of rain or excessive heat, we may move the party INDOORS (depending on the specific venue and if they have space):

a) As of 7/29/2021, the CDCs guidance is that masks be worn at indoor venues for BOTH fully Vaccinated and Non Vaccinated participants, unless the vaccination status of all people are known.
1) In this case, if we can determine that ALL participants attending are fully vaccinated (proof required), then we can have the event with no masks indoors.

2) If at least ONE (1) person is not vaccinated or can not provide proof of vaccination, masks will be required for all participants.

NOTE:  The above is subject to change at any time based on the latest CDC/NYS Guidelines 

Event format

  • Just like with regular speed dating, you will be paired up with participants of the opposite gender for a specified amount of time (e.g. 5 minutes). 

  • At the end of the round, take notes on the provided handout or you can use your phone.    

  • Participants will let us know after the event who they would be interested in keeping in touch with.  Match results will be sent the next day.  We will provide both mutual matches and one way matches.
  • Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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