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New Years Eve Long Island party: Singles

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For the last 15 years we had our New Years Eve Long Island singles party at Aura.  They have since closed.  The party has moved to ring in 2022 at this years Long Island New Years party in Huntington.  

NOTE:  Due to the recent NYS mask mandate law change, the venue is question has changed to a Vaccinated Only location.  Unlike at our other events, proof of negative test is NOT an option.  If you are not vaccinated and looking for some other reasonable options, feel free to email Jay and I can give you a few options.


You can eat, drink, and meet a lot of other fun singles and dance to some great  music.    But.........It is a secret.

Other people at the venue will not know that  an event is taking place.    No name tags or anything else that would conspicuously identify you as  part of the group. You will wear an inconspicuous item that will identify you as  "single friendly" so that nobody other than the other participants will know to  be on the lookout for you.  It is kind of our own secret code. When we did this event in the past at a  supermarket, the reviews were great. "This is like a Seinfeld episode" was a  frequent comment received:

$8 to $15 (includes a $10 voucher towards a future in person or virtual weekenddating.com speed dating event)
NO additional charge at the venue.

DJ and Dancing, along with cash bar and cash food.  Order what you want from the menu.

 How it works

  • Register HERE
  • You will be provided with the information on what to wear/bring to identify yourself as part of the secret group.

  • The venue information will be provided the morning of the event.  The location is Huntington.  You will also be emailed with a $10 voucher good towards a future Weekenddating.com speed dating event (virtual or in person).

  • Attend the event and have a blast.  As you are mingling, be on the lookout for others who are part of the group.  Remember, the general public will not even know the event is taking place.  It is our secret!

    Register HERE
  • Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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