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Looking for Speed Dating in New York & Singles Events?

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Weekenddating:  It's not just Speed Dating in NY anymore!

Our Speed Dating in New York events take place at Bryant Park Lounge in New York and at other NYC Speed dating venues.  Our New York dating events have resulted in over 65 married couples so far.   Looking for the Best speed dating in New York?  Look no further!

 New York Speed Dating

Use the box below to search for New York SINGLES EVENTS  Only.  The schedule to the left has everything.


If you are new to singles events in New York, check out our guidelines for choosing the right NYC singles event.   Thanks to your many suggestions and feedback received over the past 4 years, it is not just speed dating in New York anymore.  Many of the events modify the speed dating format to an activity.   

These New York Speed Dating and singles events are structured so that you get to enjoy the activity, but are also ensured to meet everyone who attends by incorporating a rotation factor.  This eliminates any awkward entrance to exists to conversations.    Have questions or Concerns? Call Jay at 718-757-6933 or 516-908-9638.  

We held our first New York speed dating event for New York singles on Valentines Day 2003 and have since expanded to different areas including Connecticut and Long Island.  Weekenddating has over 65 married couples and we are still going strong! 


Why do we have our New York Speed Dating events at Bryant Park Lounge? 

This location is very spacious and is also very centrally located on 6th avenue @ 38th Street.   It is accessible from multiple public transportation services.   It is large enough so that we can space out the tables as much as possible so that you are not sitting right on top of the next couple. 

We sometimes join forces with other Speed Dating companies in New York to maximize attedance and give you the chance to meet as many people as possible.   If an event is not being specifically run by Weekenddating.com, you will see a note that says this.


Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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