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Speed Rock Climbing

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At this unique event we will have exclusive use of Island Rock's indoor rock climbing venue. Here is how it works:

How it works
Women will be paired up into teams of three and Men will be paired up into teams of three. Don't worry if you are coming alone or do not have three people to sign up. People will arrive early so you will have time to mingle with ice breaker games and we will help create the teams. Each team will stay together throughout the event.

Next the fun begins. We will have one male team and one female team stationed at each beginners climbing wall. This group will stay together for 15-20 minutes. During this time all of the members of the group will be getting to know each other. One person from the female team will climb the wall with the help of Island Rock's friendly staff. Next, a member of the male team will climb. The process continues until either each group member has had a turn or the time expired. 

We will signal the end of the round and the ladies will stay at the same wall. The male team will rotate to the next wall and the process begins again.

What is included?
Pizza, Dessert, and Cold soft drinks will be provided after the rock climbing.

Note: You can still attend and be a member of a team even if you do not want to climb. 

Question: I was interested in someone but am still uncomfortable asking them for contact information.
You will have the option to complete a scorecard at the end of the night. You can write down the names of anyone you were interested in from the event. We will send them an email letting them know that you were interested and provide your email address.  

Click here to Signup and SPIN for a chance to win a FREE Speed Dating Event!

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