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Girls Afternoon out- XVII : New York City

Men: Get details here

Sunday: October 20th (Noon) to see First Date the musical on Broadway

Make new single girlfriends, see a FANTASTIC show and meet 
a few single guys

(Note- This event is open to all singles, and is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced).  We will be sitting in the balcony.

Space is limited so please do not wait until the last minute!

*Note: This is NOT a same sex dating event *


Women: Reservations and tickets


Sunday, October 20th @ Noon 
Location: announced to those who register

Part I : Ladies Only: (Noon to 1:45 PM)

All of your friends are married, engaged, not around? Would you like to make new friends to go out with as activity partners, meet others in the same situation as you? Well this event is for you! Part one is for women only. Ladies will mingle and make new friends during some ice breakers. At the last girls night out events, several of the ladies made great friendships that continue to this day.   

Food and drinks are available for purchase (not included in your ticket price)

Part II : Informal Mingle to meet a few single guys (1:45 PM)

Ladies, the main theme of this event is to make some new single girlfriends and see a great show.  Single guys are invited to the Mingle portion and to see the show, however this part of the event is NOT meant to be gender balanced.

 Part III- Going to the show (2:45 PM)

Reservations and tickets


What the New York Times said

Marcelle S. Fischler from the New York Times covered our first girls night out event. Click here for the full article. Some excerpts from the article include:

  • "The hardest thing is to establish a circle of friends, a circle of single people," Ms. Cardenas said. "The idea of having a fun time for myself and meeting single women is very attractive. It takes away the scariness of doing the single thing, and puts a fun element in it."

  • "As the friends they have known from young adulthood commit to relationships, marry and have children, single women in their 30's, 40's and 50's, especially in the suburbs, often find themselves out of the loop. Tagging along with couples becomes awkward, and the common ground of shared experience dwindles. The single friend may feel stuck in a rerun of "Sex and the City" while the married friend has moved on to the Wisteria Lane of "Desperate Housewives."

  • "A lot of women my age are married or have kids," Dr. Hughes said. "They are just on a different path in their lives. They are not interested in going out or doing anything with the singles scene. I am still looking to go out, to meet men."

  • Not only would they have a chance to commiserate with other unattached women over fresh fruit, sushi and cucumber water, they would also choose from a menu of pampering treatments, from mini-facials to professional makeup applications, having their hair blown out and attending a group lesson on skin care.

  • Afterward, relaxed, primped and perhaps bonded, the 18 women would move straight on to the more traditional half of the double-barreled event: a men-and-women singles party at Cirella's, a restaurant in the mall.

  • "Meeting women and men - it's a good two options," Ms. Cardenas said. "Doing the spa thing, if all goes wrong, you walk away with your facial. If all goes right, you make some new friends. If it goes extremely well, you walk out with a potential guy's phone number or being asked your phone number."

  • At singles events for men and women, Dr. Hughes said, she often got "that standoffish thing" from other women. So the women-only mixer at the spa was a refreshing change, a chance to be cohorts instead of rivals. "In this kind of situation, it's a lot more relaxed," she said.

    Contact us now at (516) 908-9638 or (718) 757-6933 with any questions.

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